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In order to provide a more relevant online experience, some of the ads a user sees online are customized based on previous online activity. Information about past online site visits may be used to predict the interests of people using this computer and select ads related to those interests. The goal of Ad Choices is to provide you with information about how online advertising works and the choices you have.

Who placed this ad?

  • This ad was served by Zap2it.

Where can I learn more about the information collected and how ads are selected?

Please read our Privacy Policy.

What choices do I have about interest-based advertising from Zap2it?

  • Information about your visits to this and other sites may be collected over time and used to deliver ads based on your interests. This is called online behavioral advertising (OBA).
  • You can opt-out from receiving ads based on your interests. You will still receive ads, they will just be less relevant to you.
  • Visit the Network Advertising Initiative to learn more about online behavioral advertising and to see your opt-out choices from other companies that participate in the industry Consumer Choice program.


The fun part of what we do - besides working around entertainment - is developing unique and impactful ways to showcase our advertisers' TV shows, movies and products. Specifically, custom programs designed to command attention, meet marketing objectives and deliver results. In fact, we've earned a strong reputation as an innovator for the suite of advertising opportunities we've developed and introduced to the marketplace.

Looking for unique executions that get your advertising noticed? We’d love to create a custom proposal or set up a meeting to discuss more opportunities and sponsorships that will help meet your advertising goals.Contact us today.

  • Learn more about online advertising from the Network Advertising Initiative.
  • Learn more about online advertising from
  • Learn more from the IAB about browser controls and tools to help set and maintain your privacy choices.
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