10 Spoilers: 'Arrow' stands apart from 'Smallville,' plus 'Teen Wolf' Season 2 scoop and a new face on 'Homeland'

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patrick-j-adams-stephen-amell-ian-gomez.jpgSince Mondays are the Tuesday after Memorial Day is just the worst, we here at Zap2it have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV teasers -- just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Kickstart includes scoop on a new "Grimm" villain, the daughter of a son of anarchy, and a fun tidbit from this week's "Cougar Town" season finale -- plus, some info about one of our favorite new shows coming at you guys this fall.

"Arrow": Okay, so we know this show hasn't actually started yet, but we've seen the pilot episode, and we L-O-V-E love it. We've got faith that even the "Smallville" fans who are clamoring for more of Justin Hartley's Green Arrow will get on board with Stephen Amell's new version -- particularly because he's so different from the "Smallville" incarnation. In fact, don't expect Clark Kent to appear at all in this world. "Nobody in our universe has super powers, so that's a big jumping off point," Amell tells us. "I think we find Oliver Queen more injured than we saw him before. Other than in name, there are virtually no similarities between [Hartley's version and the new version]. It's not to say that one's better than the other, it's just that they're so different, it's almost weird to compare them."

"Cougar Town": We know that Tuesday's one-hour finale is the end of the show on ABC (and once again, thank you, TBS, for picking it up) ... but could it also be the end of Penny Can? A character voices the sacrilegious notion that the game isn't as fun as it used to be, and it sends Bobby and Andy into a spiral of despair. Don't worry, guys -- we still love it.

"Law & Order: SVU": Showrunner Warren Leight gave us the lowdown on the season-finale cliffhanger -- and he also tells us he didn't really have a backup plan if NBC didn't pick the show up for next season. "I guess the day we began shooting, we found out about the pickup," he says. "It's conceivable they could have called were they not picking us up and asked for a different ending. It would have been tough. ... It's a little superstitious -- if you write an episode that lets you out of the series, even if you didn't intend to -- I'd rather whistle past the graveyard."

"Sons of Anarchy": We know that Tig has two daughters, Dawn and Fawn. We've already met Dawn -- who accused Fawn of being bulimic and needing rehab in order to con her dad into forking over $12,000. This season, we'll finally meet Fawn, when she's caught in a "sexually compromising situation." Expect some pretty tense scenes between Fawn, Tig, and her "menacing" boyfriend Raymun.

"Grimm": Could we be meeting a new Big Bad in season 2? Producers are currently casting a man who morphs into a bloodthirsty, brutal, "saber-toothed killing machine" -- and he's expected to recur in at least two episodes. We'll also meet Captain Renard's brother, a.k.a. Prince Eric. He's just as sophisticated and handsome as you'd imagine.

"Dance Moms": Our favorite guilty pleasure returns to Lifetime on June 5 -- and when it does, the famed Abby Lee Miller will get caught in a lie. Things only get more complicated when one of her dancers gets injured.

"Teen Wolf": Season 2 is racier and more violent, so you can look forward to plenty of gratuitous shirtlessness and lots of gore. You can also look forward to the coach ordering the entire lacrosse team to head out into the woods in search of a naked, crazy teenage girl. (Hey, if anyone can find a missing naked teenage girl, it's a teenage boy. Right?)

"Homeland": Although Brody is now a congressman and able to influence U.S. policy from the inside, that doesn't mean he isn't just as on the hook to terrorist Abu Nazir as he was before his election. Brody will have to consider where his true allegiance lies -- with changing his beloved U.S. from within or with Nazir's terrorist tactics -- when Roya, a sexy journalist with ties to Nazir, enters the fray in Season 2.

"Teen Mom": The Season 4 premiere finds the girls at very different points in their lives: Farrah reconsiders her decision to leave Sophia with her parents while she moves to Florida. There's trouble in paradise for Macy and Kyle, who are struggling to send Bentley to day care for the first time. Caitlin and Tyler find themselves in a very different emotional place on their daughter Carly's second birthday, and Amber's very public legal struggles come into play while she and Gary attempt to have a relationship despite her stay in rehab and their no contact order.

"Suits": The Season 2 premiere picks up shortly after the cliffhanger finale, which means our favorite fake lawyer Mike is still struggling with his love triangle situation. He'll finally make a choice between Jenny and Rachel -- or will the choice be made for him?
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