10 things only 'The Walking Dead' fans would understand

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"The Walking Dead" is almost back from its midseason break, which means it's time to get hyped again for all the horror that's sure to come. From the undead apocalypse to humanity's darkest moments, the hit AMC drama manages to attract a certain type of viewer.

So congrats for being awesome, if you're one of them. Let's start getting pumped for "The Walking Dead's" return with these inside references that only a fan of the TV series would understand.

Spoilers for everything up through the Season 4 midseason finale lie ahead.

Don't trust the little girl in the bunny slippers


She's not as sweet as she seems.

This is the coolest imagery for a zombie show


We're glad Rick at least had the common sense to listen here.

Where's Carl?

RIP Lori, but you really did a poor job at keeping track of your son.

Just find a different well


Do you really want to drink out of that well after a bloated walker was stuck in it anyway?

Guys with shaved heads aren't great with allegiances


We miss you, Merle. Not so much you, Shane.

Andrea has the worst taste in men

Seriously, will she never learn?!

Those pigs were actually pretty cute


It's so sad Truffle had to die.

Hershel is a true hero


RIP, old friend.

Why baby Judith?


Why? WHY?

If Daryl dies, we riot

Daryl Dixon 4eva.

"The Walking Dead" returns to AMC with the final eight episodes of Season 4 on Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Photo/Video credit: AMC