14 TV show couples that make us love the idea of love

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More often than not, it's the dysfunctional TV relationships that viewers find themselves cheering for. But for every Damon and Elena or Olivia and Fitz, there's another couple out there that has managed to prove that love can be stable and happy and still be cheer-worthy.

So in honor of Valentine's Day, here's a look at the recent TV relationships that make us love the idea of love. 

Ben and Leslie, 'Parks and Recreation'

These two were soulmates from the get-go, and the ways that Ben and Leslie go above and beyond to make one another happy is inspiring. They understand that love requires sacrifice, but that sacrifice doesn't mean they need to end their romance. Also, they show laughter is the best medicine.

Meredith and Derek, 'Grey's Anatomy'

Though Meredith and Derek have had plenty of ups and downs over the years, at the end of the day, they make love work. Their low-maintenance romance proves to everyone that it is possible to keep love alive after the most roller-coaster relationship ever, and make a marriage with a sticky note seem swoonworthy.

Coach Taylor and Tami, 'Friday Night Lights'

Not only are Eric and Tami great parents, but they also are one of the best married couples on TV. More often than not, viewers were rooting for them to get through their troubles unscathed over the problems of the high school relationships. This is what dream marriages look like.

Marshall and Lily, 'How I Met Your Mother'

Arguably the most stable, happy couple on television -- despite recent hiccups -- Lily and Marshall manage to always find the bright side of their relationship. Thanks to flashbacks, fans got to see this romance from its inception to the present day, and their love story might be the one missed most when "How I Met Your Mother" finally concludes its run.

Robb and Talisa, 'Game of Thrones'

In the end, their love was one that lost a war (and their lives), but Robb and Talisa have the honor of being the only "Game of Thrones" characters who married solely because they loved one another. No politics factored into their union, and prior agreements were cast aside so they could be together and happy -- which is noble, if foolish, in Westeros.

Jim and Pam, 'The Office'

Right from the beginning, it seemed obvious that Jim and Pam were fated to be together. It didn't matter that Jim's crush started out simply as fantasy with the then-engaged Pam. Viewers had the joy of watching this couple date, wed and become parents, all while staying happy and healthy.

Mitch and Cam, 'Modern Family'

Though "Modern Family" is all about showcasing three non-traditional sets of families, it's Mitch and Cam's relationship -- soon to be a marriage -- that is the most heartwarming. These two are constantly there for one another through thick and thin, disagreements and troubles, highs and lows. It's relationships like this that others should strive toward.

Homer and Marge, 'The Simpsons'

Has there been a longer-lasting marriage on television with fewer relationship problems than Homer and Marge Simpson? Probably not, and that's why they're worth loving.

Amy and Rory, 'Doctor Who'

They were the Couple Who Waited, and always put one another over salvation and others and life. Amy and Rory are not only the most solid couple of the "Doctor Who" canon, but they're also a love story that should go down in history books as one of the best TV romances ever.

Castle and Beckett, 'Castle'

After waiting and waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever, Beckett and Castle finally got together. And you know what? The wait was worth it, because they make a great couple.

Chuck and Sarah, 'Chuck'

Even with "Chuck's" bittersweet ending, viewers could have faith that Chuck and Sarah would make their relationship work. These two super spies had literally been through everything together, and it became clear during the show's run that they were the best people for one another in every way imaginable.

Booth and Brennan, 'Bones'

Booth and Brennan have both seen the worst of one another over the years, which means they were both very prepared when they finally got together. Now one of fans' favorite couples to 'ship is one of their favorite couples to love.

Snow and Charming, 'Once Upon A Time'

Beyond the fact that these two literally have a fairy-tale romance, they've proven that dedication to love is what makes a healthy relationship. Snow and Charming have actually been through every TV romance trope ever, but they've always come out on top. Not even the Wicked Witch of the West will be able to break up their love.

Adam and Kristina, 'Parenthood'

Adam and Kristina Braverman have been put through the ringer during their TV relationship, but the "Parenthood" couple always comes out on top and the better for it. They're the type of couple everyone in a relationship should hope to be.

What is your favorite TV couple?

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