Critics' Choice Awards 2011: Justin Bieber 'in disguise' on the red carpet

justin-bieber-mustache-cca-getty.jpg "CSI" must have given Justin Bieber the acting bug, because apparently he's now attempting to play the role of mature journalist on the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet.

Donning his now signature over-sized glasses and a bushy faux mustache, the 16-year-old was wielding his microphone and weirding people out. It's kinda funny, but mostly obnoxious.

Bieber was spotted interviewing Jeremy Renner and Elle Fanning, asking her "Have you ever heard of Justin Bieber?"

Back in October, it was reported that the Biebs would be hosting a revival of Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd." Could that be the culprit behind these shenanigans? Though Bieber was spotted holding an official mic, the cameras focused directly on him never made it to broadcast. 

About an hour after the red carpet wrapped, JB tweeted "if u can't laugh at yourself u can't have fun." He continued to tweet non-award-show-related posts, leading us to believe he was not actually inside the ceremony.

What do you think he was up to? Filming a new prankster show, or just being goofy? 

And what's going on with those bandaged fingers on his right hand? Another on-set injury, perhaps?


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images