2012 Summer Olympic torch relay begins: David Beckham does his part

2012-olympic-torch-greece.jpgThe 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London are getting closer, sports fans. The Olympic torch relay started Thursday (May 17) in Greece, where Greek actress Ino Menegaki took on the role of High Priestess at the kick off of the relay.

Former England footballer David Beckham was also in Greece, where he, the London mayor and Britain's Princess Anne accompanied the torch back to the United Kingdom on Saturday (May 18), where it was lit in Cornwall and began its 8,000-mile journey around England (with a detour to Ireland's capital city of Dublin).

Below are a few more stops - British television presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle carries the flame via lantern above the tree canopy in a hot air balloon inside the rainforest biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall, and then below that, torch-bearers exchange the flame on a beach near St. Michael's Mount.

Just 67 more days until the Opening Ceremonies. Can't wait!

olympic-torch-david-beckham.jpg olympic-torch-balloon.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images