2012 Summer Olympics: Is Samuel L. Jackson the world's biggest Olympics fan?

samuel-l-jackson-getty.jpgMany are already calling this the first true social media Olympics, as evidenced by NBC's Instagram, Facebook updates from athletes like John Orozco and enough Twitter-based expulsions to show the good, the bad and the ugly of the medium. But if you haven't been following the Tweets of the highest-grossing movie star of all time, well, you're missing out on something special.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has proven himself to be a very enthusiastic Olympics fan - and staying true to his on-screen persona, he has been doing it with some very colorful language.

"BUTTAFUQQINFLY WORLD RECORD!!!! Dayummmm! Go USA!" Jackson tweets, in response to Dana Vollmer's 100-meter butterfly record time of 55.98 seconds, shaving 0.08 off the previous world record.

But the "Snakes on a Plane" star's exuberance isn't focused solely on Americans, and his spelling variations on the F-word seem to also know no bounds. "GB Cyclists!!! BIPFOUKKENCYCLIN BRILLIANCE! Go Host Nation!" he writes in regards to Brits Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Varnish setting a world record in qualifying for track cycling.  

He also isn't afraid to scream out when he sees something unfair: "That was NOT a handstand, more like a handSplit! UK gets JACKED by judges!" he tweets, just one of several comments on what he sees as bad officiating.

Apparently, Sam Jackson has a lot of free time on his hands when he isn't putting out what feels like 10 movies a year - indeed, he has commented on everything from archery and handball to soccer and water polo, often commenting on both the women's and men's section of the events. He's been known to live-tweet the Olympics as often as five or more times an hour, and his 1.17 million followers seem to be enjoying watching the Games with a foul-mouthed, relentlessly blunt legend at their side.

From "WHHHOOOOO! Women's 4X 200 Beatdown!! Lovin' it!, go USA!!" to "Strategy My A**! World Class WUSSES!!!" Samuel L. Jackson seems to have captured the unbridled enthusiasm of so many Olympics viewers.

So the question isn't is this guy for real but instead: What would it take to get him a commentator spot for the next Olympics?
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images