2013 was a very good year for ... the triumph of TV love

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2013 was a great year for TV love. While people are always falling in and out of the romantic state on television, true love doesn't often triumph. However, thanks to big love moments on shows like "Castle," "Bones," "Parks and Recreation" and "New Girl," the fictional world was a more heart-filled place.

Some GIFs may just explain things best.


More than eight years.

That's how long "Bones" fans have been waiting for the wedding that occurred in the Season 9 episode, "The Woman in White." In the meantime, there were love-hate relationships, dating other people, misunderstandings, disappearances to foreign nations, comas, unrequited feelings, near-engagements, false engagements, framings for murder, serial killers, catastrophic fires and more.

bones-wedding-kiss-fox-2.gifWhen looked at this way, it's a miracle that "Bones" ever made it to the altar at all.


A full season of Castle and Beckett dating didn't make moving forward a given. After all, no show had more "Moonlighting"-curse nonsense to deal with than the screwball comedy-mystery of "Castle."

But just when we thought that the detective couple might break up, "Castle" threw us a curve ball: Castle proposed to Beckett. And she said yes! (Granted, only after saying "no" and getting super flustered)

castle-proposal-response-abc-gif.gifThe engagement remained strong throughout 2013 too. It may not last in 2014, but let's live for today!

'Parks and Recreation'

OK, this one was pretty much inevitable and a shining example of a happy, healthy relationship on TV. But Leslie and Ben got married! Not even Councilman Jamm and his stink-bombs could make the impromptu wedding from being perfect.

parks-and-recreation-wedding-nbc-gif-2.gif 'New Girl'

Jess and Nick did not get married in 2013. They didn't get engaged. They did, however, kiss.

new-girl-jess-nick-kiss-fox-gif.gifThen they slept together.

new-girl-jess-nick-bed-fox-gif.gifAnd ran away to Mexico together to live on a beach.

new-girl-jess-nick-mexico-fox-gif.gifAll of that is great, of course. The real triumph here is that, as 2013 comes to a close, Jess and Nick are still happily together.

new-girl-jess-nick-hospital-fox-gif.gifWill 2014 bring as much love to television? We'll just have to wait and see.

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