Golden Globes 2014: Robin Wright (and her boob tape) nab 'House of Cards' surprise win

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robin-wright-golden-globe-win-house-of-cards.jpgIn a Golden Globes category as jam-packed with talent as Best Actress -- TV Drama, the winner was going to be a surprise no matter what. But it was still slightly shocking when Robin Wright took home the 2014 trophy for her work on Netflix's "House of Cards" over favorite Kerry Washington ("Scandal") or breakout newcomer Tatiana Maslany ("Orphan Black").

Even Wright was shocked, walking on stage and admitting, "I have no speech!"

She cited Merritt Wever's short-and-sweet "Thank you, I gotta go" Emmy speech before giving credit to "House of Cards" creator David Fincher, costar Kevin Spacey and Netflix (and nary a mention of her new fiance, Ben Foster).

"Thank you Fincher for convincing me to do this because he said you can create her and let her come out of marble if you want," she says, calling Spacey "the best playdate ever."

Also making a special appearance: The tape holding the low-cut sides of Wright's dress in place.


Photo/Video credit: NBC