'21 Candles': Miley Cyrus on VMAs, revenge on Justin Bieber and more

miley-cyrus-justin-bieber-MTV-21-candles.jpg Miley Cyrus' 21st birthday was celebrated Saturday (Nov. 23) by MTV's special "21 Candles," which Cyrus herself offering some insight into her biggest MTV moments.

On her 2013 VMAs performance: "Leave it to me to give a performance that people, I guess, are still talking about three months later. ... I think it's one of my favorite moments of all time. ... Halloween time was really nuts, there were like 1000 mes. I was going out and people were dressed as me, it was nuts that that moment was so iconic."

On being on "TRL" in 2006: "I grew up watching 'TRL,' so getting to do that was a moment. When I was younger, I felt like people were starting to look at me as more of a musician ... and a part of that was getting to do something that I grew up watching."

On her "We Can't Stop" video: "They were at first just giant teddy bears and then we decided that we wanted to make them backpacks. It felt like a giant dance party at my house, but being filmed and with giant teddy bears on my back."

On her "Can't Be Tamed" video: "This is right where I started finding myself and feeling who I am, even as a girl like getting into your body and knowing how to move. I think this video is one of my favorites because of what it represents at the time."

On her stage shows: "Of course I care about things being fun in the shows, having it be crazy, but I care more about it sounding good ... I hope people understand me more as an artist when they see me perform."

On being "Punk'd" by Justin Bieber in 2012
: "I think that it's time that I come up with some kind of revenge and get his a** back. You guys for sure would like to see that on MTV."

She also confessed to lying on "TRL" when asked if she would get tattoos and she said no -- "I always knew I was going to get tattoos." And she's right, she has roughly 20 tattoos.

Cyrus ends the special with, "The best is yet to come, now that I'm 21."

We have no doubt. Happy birthday, Miley.
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