21 photos of Kellie Pickler blowing kisses on the red carpet

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kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-1-gi.jpg Kellie Pickler has one go-to, signature red carpet move, y'all. And it's the faux blowing-a-kiss move.

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-02-gi.jpgIn looking back over more than seven years of her red carpet appearances -- beginning with Tuesday night's (Dec. 10) "American Country Awards," to the days when she was basking in her "Dancing With the Stars" Mirror Ball Trophy afterglow, all the way back to when she debuted her kissy-face pose on the "American Idol" Season 5 finale red carpet -- one thing is clear: Being in front of the cameras makes Kellie feel the love.

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-03-gi.jpgAnd we are so feeling it with you, Kellie. You can keep kissing at us forever and ever.

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-04-gi.jpgAnd ever ...

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-05-gi.jpgAnd ever ...

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-06-gi.jpgNo really, we don't mind ...

kellie-picker-red-carpet-kiss-zap2it-07-gi.jpgAnd EVER!

We wouldn't be terribly disappointed if you occasionally mixed it up and gave us a little something like this, though (watch out, Miley Cyrus):

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images