'2 Broke Girls'

From thrift stores to JC Penney to Bergdorf's, Trayce Field covers a lot of fashion ground as the costume designer for the hit CBS sitcom 'Two Broke Girls.' She wants to make the outfits as believable as possible so the audience can identify with the characters.
"Max's (Kat Dennings) character has to be really real," Field says. "She can't wear anything expensive. She always wears vintage boots with her uniform, and her boots are all $50 and under from thrift stores. Her leggings are $20 and under from American Apparel. I get her vintage T-shirts for less than $10 from a store called Taxi CDC. They reconstruct vintage shirts to fit more modern."
Field repeats a lot of the same clothes and she says a lot of girls can identify with having one good pair of jeans.
"Girls want to look good even if they're broke," she says. "The show is very of the times. Everyone is trying to not spend a lot of money and being broke is kind of the norm. One thing Max does have, which she put on her credit card, is J Brand jeans. They are made for every shape, it's really amazing. The rest of the time she is mostly wearing leggings."
Field breaks down each character's look:


"Caroline (Beth Behrs) is upper Manhattan socialite, wears a lot of designer clothing - Gucci and Stella McCartney - and heels. She is always in Louboutins and Brian Atwoods. Brian Atwoods are her comfy shoes (since they are a couple of inches shorter). Everybody loves that necklace, it's a one-of-a-kind piece. It's from a store called Luxe De Ville and the owner, Oskar, actually finds one-of-a-kind pieces or he make pieces. Max is more like a vintage-inspired girl. Most of her stuff is unique. Her earrings, for example, are sacred hearts - like you could find at a Mexican gift shop - that you normally would put on a wall as decoration. But she put hoops through and made them into earrings."


"The elf costumes and Mrs. Claus I designed from scratch based off illustrations. All costumes are supposed to be a little ridiculous and fun, so we added bows and bells. I'm a very detail-oriented person from head to toe. Everything has to have something special about it. I think that's reflected in those costumes."


"The uniforms are one-of-a-kind pieces I designed from scratch. In my first meeting with Michael Patrick King (the co-creator and executive producer), we wanted to have '60s colors, the mustard and the burgundy. The fabric is doubleknit and vintage from the '70s. I kind of went with the cut of the time as well and fashioned it to our girls' bodies. Kat has a little bit of flare on hers. And I shortened Beth's. It's been a really fun process. We have a really good working relationship and agree on almost everything."


"The guys are so much fun. Oleg is my favorite man. He is amazing because we get to be really creative with him. His pants are from the '80s and '90s that he's had forever. He's really into anything that is shiny, silky and inappropriate to wear in a kitchen. He is really fun. I get his clothes from a costume rental house or Goodwill."


"Han is preppy and he's trying to dress the American way. He has his little vest and his tennis sweater and his khaki pants and his loafers. I shop for him at JC Penney."



"As far as Earl goes, the man is 72 years old and he's very sexy and fun. He's got that '70s vibe and he's been wearing the same thing for 30 years. Everything fits and is color coordinated."


"Everything is designer vintage chic. She has some jumpsuits she wears. One is Missoni. She is kind of out there. She never is dressed like everyone else. When she goes to Pilates, she is wearing a fur vest with a hood. She has so much money she spends it on these wonderful pieces of clothing she shouldn't be able to wear on a daily basis but she wears them for fun. A lot of the jewelry is vintage, Lucite and different pops of color. I shop for her at Neiman, Saks and a place called Decades, and I use my personal collection of vintage designer pieces since we are the same size. She also wears Chloe and Alice & Olivia."