'2 Broke Girls' holiday gift guide: Caroline's fab necklace, waitress costumes and more

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Sure, you could bake the '2 Broke Girls" fan in your life cupcakes for the holidays, and be done with it.

But Zap2it has more suggestions for fans of the waitresses in Williamsburg. Plus you can make the excuse that you're already shopping, so you might as well finally buy yourself Caroline's necklace.

Gifts under $50:

Kat necklace ($9.50) -- A photo of Max, almost smiling, in a metal casing. If you're a Secret Santa and have a $10 limit at the office, this works.

Calendar ($11.59) -- Sure, everyone keeps an online calendar, but there's something comforting about being jotting down appointments on a wall calendar. 

Poster ($12.95) -- The poster of the two wearing costume designer Trayce Fields' creation is fun, and of all of the costumes she's made for the show, Fields was most proud of these.

Cupcake Mug (14.95) -- If you do bake the cupcakes, your fan needs something to wash them down. Here's the perfect companion gift, a fuchsia mug.

Kat Dennings or Beth Behrs Glasses ($18) - The hand-made glasses come in five styles: pilsner, wine, whiskey, goblet and pint.  Mix and match. Think of the drinking games!

Max' Crystal Heart Lock Necklace ($19.95) -- Caroline may have the more noticeable necklace, but Max fans will appreciate this. And this is perfect for that tough girl you know, the one who puts up a wall but wears her heart on her sleeve, or around her neck.

Phone case ($24.95) -- The fuchsia cupcake phone case has the strand of pearls and Max' Homemade Cupcakes logo on it. And when everyone else tosses their phones on the table, this one will stand out.

T-shirt ($31.99) -- Plain, white, fitted, pretty much what a T-shirt should be. Also, the simple logo just looks better on a top than the girls' images do. And this one is for plus-sized women.

Tiered, beaded necklace ($39) - Aside from the maroon and gold uniforms, if the show has one signature piece, this is it. There's a reason Caroline held onto this when she lost all else. It's a fabulous statement piece and can be worn with everything.

Gifts Under $100

2 Broke Girls: Season 1 Blue Ray ($54.98) -- Perfect for the fan who came to the show in the second or third season. This takes them back to how they met, became roomies and best friends.

Costume: ($59.95) -- If the uniform is your idea of a sexy fantasy, well please don't share with us, but here you go. May need to be shortened to resemble Caroline's and have the neckline lowered to resemble Max' uniform. Costume designer Fields picked the colors to go with the diner motif; they represent ketchup and mustard.


Bucket Bag ($71.99) -- The roomy tote has a zipper closure, ideal for the Williamsburg woman who travels subways and wants to make sure the contents of her bag are well sealed.

Gifts over $100:
Cat-shaped scratching post ($149) -- A cool cat silhouette scratching post is ideal for anyone watching with her kitty.
Horse ($2,000 and up, way up) -- Caroline had her Chestnut and if a fan is that special someone, who longs for a horse, and you have the cash and stable or fields, go for it. That horse will be happier than the one who was living in Brooklyn. 
Photo/Video credit: CBS