'2 Broke Girls': Kat Dennings on her 'smaller and tighter and plunging' diner uniform

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Living in the hipster capital of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, requires a certain approach to fashion. And one of the great aspects of "2 Broke Girls," a CBS Monday comedy, is that the two main characters flout typical hipster fashion rules, which, in the required irony of hipster-dom, makes them even more fashionable.

Set in a diner, the characters wear uniforms, and not even anything vaguely modern, but polyester that looks as if it would survive an atomic blast.

"The uniform has gone through several lives," Kat Dennings, who plays Max, tells Zap2it. "The first season was sort of getting it together. Then it became smaller and tighter and plunging. And maybe I lost some weight. It looks a little different. It has just been taken in to accommodate my body changing a little.

"Now it feels like I have really become the character when I am in that uniform," Dennings says.

"I wanted to do '70s colors," costumer designer Trayce Field says. "I wanted something like mustard and ketchup for the diner."

She found the double-knit fabric at a closeout sale.

"Kat's [uniform] got a little curvier and racier," Field says. "Her character is sexy and racy, and we amp that up. For Beth (Behrs, playing Caroline), we show off the good gams."

Overall, though, Field says their looks "have not really changed because they are broke."
Max "utilizes thrift stores and makes the best of her money," Field says "Caroline is more couture. She has the clothes she had coming into this."

Field shops for Max at vintage stores, H&M and Pop, looking for a lot of plaid. Max keeps her footwear comfortable -- only old boots from the Goodwill and vintage stores.

Field buys Caroline's clothes at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Opening Ceremony, Rag & Bone, and Barneys. She has shoes from her former life as a rich girl from Gucci, Brian Atwood and Christian Louboutin.

"She's living off of her own clothes," Field says. "The only time she ever got anything new was when she went to Goodwill and got designer shorts. If she ever buys anything new, she keeps the price tag on so she can return it."

Caroline's signature piece is that fabulous necklace, "a one-of-a-kind piece," Field says of the two-strand necklace, draped so it looks like more layers.

Another fun character to dress is the zany Sophie ( Jennifer Coolidge).

Sophie proves too much is too much, but if you're fabulous it is just right. She wears a hot pink dress, fake white fur and faux brooches.

"She has this great silvery crystal-ly belt along with that dress that has ribbons," Field says. "She always has a lot of jewelry and 6-inch heels, and she is 5-11 naturally so we make her around 6-4. She is just a gorgeous, beautiful amazon of a lady. I love dressing her. She is the queen of baubles."
Photo/Video credit: CBS