'30 Rock': Cynthia Nixon, Billy Baldwin bring 'Kidnapped by Danger' to life

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30-rock-cynthia-nixon.jpgOn Thursday's (March 21) "30 Rock," the Blocker -- aka Elizabeth "Diablo" Lemon's ( Tina Fey's) script for "Kidnapped by Danger: The Avery Jessup Story," was brought to life at the best table read ever.

The movie is about Jack's ( Alec Baldwin's) baby mama, Avery ( Elizabeth Banks) who is cooling her heels in a North Korean prison. In the made-for-"30 Rock" made-for-TV movie she's played by Jenna Maroney ( Jane Krakowski) while Jack's one-time competing love interest Nancy Donovan ( Julianne Moore) is played by "Sex and the City" alumna Cynthia Nixon.

The biggest stroke of genius, though, is the Jack casting -- he's played by Baldwin's real life brother Billy Baldwin, who does a wicked awesome impression of his older sib and, throughout the course of the show, seduces Avery's mom ( Mary Steenburgen) who his character -- Lance Drake Mandrell -- describes thusly:

"She's a real hot shot a boinking, she boinks like a dog -- I'm not a writer."

william-baldwin-30-rock.jpgBut, before he gets to Avery's mom he takes a run at getting Cynthia Nixon into bed.

"I"m married to a woman," she says.

"I've got four inches of steel that might change your mind," replies Baldwin/Mandrell.

It was off the charts, Kemosabe. Watch the entire episode below:

Photo/Video credit: NBC