'30 Rock' wedding: Liz Lemon is a princess bride on 'Mazel Tov, Dummies!'

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tina-fey-james-marsden-30-rock-wedding.jpgLiz Lemon ( Tina Fey) is a single lady no more! After a whirlwind engagement, Criss Chross ( James Marsden) put a ring on it (a knuckle ring spelling out "Tito," to be precise) in a fairy-tale wedding that could only happen on "30 Rock."

To think, it all started with Dennis Duffy ( Dean Winters), Liz's obnoxious ex. After another failed attempt at getting pregnant, Liz and Criss were consoling themselves with disco fries when they ran into the former Beeper King -- and his adopted son, "Black Dennis."

Yep, although Liz has been on an adoption waiting list for years, her moronic ex had no trouble adopting an African-American boy -- just because he's married.

"We might as well get married like every other idiot," Liz and Criss decide. And blammo! They're engaged, "Top Gun-style."

While Jack Donaghy ( Alec Baldwin) offers up Tony Bennett to sing at their wedding, Liz protests (too much?) that their City Hall nuptials are just a formality.

"I reject the wedding industry's phallocentric fairy-tale grotesquery!" she declares, citing Bravo's "Wedding B****es" as an example.

But Jack knows that in Liz Lemon's fervent feminist heart, she really does want to be a princess for a day. And her groom knows it too: Pretending to forget his birth certificate, Criss rounds up the Duffys to serve as their witnesses -- not many other people are available on a Wednesday afternoon -- and Liz finally melts.

In short order, Criss has a suit and the requisite bling. Really, why buy traditional wedding bands when he could pick up a grill and the aforementioned knuckle ring at a City Hall police auction? Liz ransacks her closet and finds the perfect white gown. Since it happens to be a Princess Leia costume, she styles her hair accordingly.

After Jack does a reading (from "The Fountainhead") and Tony Bennett serenades the couple, Liz Lemon and her "Marzipan Candy Man" are pronounced husband and wife.

To quote Dennis: "Mazel tov, dummies!"
Photo/Video credit: NBC