'30 Rock': Weird Al Yankovic to guest star

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weird-al-twitter.jpgThere have been a lot of weird people on "30 Rock" over the years. But they've just secured their king, as song parody master Weird Al Yankovic will guest star on the NBC series.

Yankovic broke the news himself on his Twitter page on Tuesday (Feb. 21). He quizzes his 2.5 million followers saying, "Guess which show I'M gonna be on..." before posting a picture of him alongside Tina Fey and Scott Adsit.

It's pretty likely that Yankovic will play himself, although it would be extra fun if he played a Kabletown executive. As for whether he'll perform any of his classic tunes like "Yoda" or "Eat it's unknown.

Yankovic is currently working on his 14th album. He tells Zap2it, "I'm doing the originals right now." As for any song parodies, he says, "I'm trying to stay aware of pop culture, but any parodies I do will probably be songs that haven't even been written yet."

Maybe his turn on "30 Rock" will inspire him.

Photo/Video credit: Twitter