3 reasons One Direction's 'Kiss You' music video doesn't suck

one-direction-kiss-you-music-video-ski-suits.jpgIt's finally here -- the moment "Directioners" have been waiting for ... the premiere of One Direction's music video for "Kiss You." And it doesn't suck. It's actually kind of adorable.

Trust us when we say this. If you really, really want to dislike the boys of 1D, their predictable pop songs, their admittedly outstanding hairstyles -- or you just want to hate on Harry Styles over the whole Taylor Swift "Haylor" thing -- then don't watch this fun, retro-movie-themed video. Because once you do, you will have a hard time not liking these boys. Or this song. Actually, you'll have a hard time just getting the song out of your head. 

These are the three best things about the "Kiss You" video:

1) Harry Styles' tattoos. We're always having to hear about Harry's most recent jaunt to the tattoo parlor, so we might as well get a good gander at all his ink, right? This video was obviously shot before his most recent  chest piece.

2) Homage to Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock." Because the dancing is cute, the skinny jeans are cute, and hello? Elvis Presley.

3) "Baby say yeaaaaahhhh ..." Seriously. This song is really catchy and it will get stuck in your head. Don't second guess us on this. It will, and you will like it. (We won't tell if you don't.)

Photo/Video credit: Columbia Records