4th of July bikini photos: Crystal Harris, Ireland Baldwin and more

4th-of-july-bikini-crystal-harris-instagram.jpgNothing says freedom like a bikini.

Several celebrities celebrated the 4th of July this year with bikini photos posted on Instagram. Crystal Harris-Hefner, Ireland Baldwin, Mariah Carey, Courtney Stodden, Heidi Klum and Katherine Heigl were all among those ready and willing to show their bodies for Independence Day.

Also, it was probably hot.

Some of the celebrities were patriotic even in the specific bikini design. Crystal Harris (seen above with Hugh Hefner and a formally attired dog) and Courtney Stodden proudly sported revealing versions of the Red, White and Blue.

4th-of-july-bikini-photo-courtney-stodden-twitter.jpgHeidi Klum, meanwhile, chose to wave an American flag while frolicking in her swimwear.

4th-of-july-bikini-heidi-klum-instagram.jpgIn Mariah Carey's case, she was even willing to sport the swimsuit during fireworks time.

4th-of-july-bikini-mariah-carey-instagram.jpgWant more hot patriotism for Independence Day? Kendall and Kylie Jenner have you covered.

Bikinis need not be patriotic or celebratory on the 4th of July. Sometimes, it's just about fun in the sun. That seems to have been the case for Ireland Baldwin ...

4th-of-july-bikini-ireland-baldwin-instagram.jpg... And for Katherine Heigl.

Photo/Video credit: Instagram