5.9 Virginia earthquake gently rocks East Coast: 10 fantastic, Brooklyn hipster-mocking Twitter reactions

If you happen to live on the U.S. Eastern seaboard -- or just pay attention to any one of the many glowing screens in your life -- Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 23), you may have noticed the highly unusual earthquake that hit the East Coast.

Measuring 5.9 on that notorious Richter Scale, the seismic activity took place 3.7 miles below the ground, outside of Richmond, Virginia, and was felt as far north as Rhode Island. Naturally, this places the New York squarely in the area of noticeable rumbling. And if there's one thing New Yorkers aren't actually equipped to handle, and we speak from personal experience, it's earthquakes.

But in the immediate wake of this unusual quake -- which resulted in no documented injuries or damage -- there has been a noticeable lack of hysteria and a wonderful abundance of Twitter jokes. And the primary target of these topical gags? The beloved Brooklyn hipster.

Here are our favorite hipster-lampooning tweets and a few others that are just great...

"'I felt that earthquake last week' - Brooklyn hipster" - @katz

"This guy in the cafe and I agree that we liked the earthquake when it first started. But now it's like, the wrong people are into it." - @hodgman

"Earthquakes I call Quakey-Quakey Shake Shake." - @TomHaverfoods

"Earthquake Day, 8/23, will mark the death of irony and the beginning of the American comeback. #friedmancolumn" - @daveweigel

"Not to panic anyone in NYC, but a screaming John Cusack just drove by in a limo that was missing a door." - @pattonoswalt

"Well, s***. I should not have balanced my priceless laudanum bottle collection on top of my priceless baseball house of cards." - @TheWaltWhitman

"Text 'You spilled your chai latte' to 90999 to donate $1 to the victims of the U.S. East Coast earthquake." - @Yuckybot

"'I'm really tired of the LA scene' - Earthquake, on his latest move to the east coast." - @NickWalsh

"When can i unlock my "East Coast Quake" badge on @getglue?" - @TVGMDamian

"Images of earthquake devastation in Washington, DC..." - @adamjclarkson [See below]


Photo/Video credit: Goldcrest