5 photos of pregnant Kate Middleton playing sports in high heels

Kate Middleton is not going to let a little baby bump stop her from showing off her legendary ping pong skills. Or her lesser known basketball skills, for that matter. The royal mommy-to-be, whose due date is mid-July, and husband Prince William made a stop on their tour of Scotland to entertain some kids at a Glasgow homeless shelter.

Kate's emerald ring sparkled as she faced Will in a ping pong match before the pair took turns shooting hoops. Lest it go unnoticed, the fashionable mama wore high-heeled boots throughout the sportsmanship display.

Any bets on who won this match?

That ring though ...

Holding your mouth opens helps with aim.

That basket looks awfully high ... good thing for high heels.

Eat your heart out, Steve Nash!
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images