5 photos of Rihanna's Crop Over costume - bedazzled boobs and all

rihanna-crop-over-costume-ig.jpgAs everyone with access to Instagram surely knows by now, Rihanna is really proud of her body, and rightly so. But it seems there is one thing the "Diamonds" singer is even prouder of, and that's her body in her Crop Over Festival costume.

"Bad Gal RirRi" posted a record 12 photos of her various bedazzled body parts in seven hours' time as she attended the 2013 Crop Over Festival in her native Barbados. Ever the giver, Rihanna wanted to make sure fans saw the costume from ever angle -- including, apparently, the spread eagle angle.

Crop Over is an annual celebration featuring singing, dancing, drinking, and climbing greased poles, among other activities. Based on Rihanna's costume, one might think of Crop Over as Barbado's answer to Brazil's Carnival. And in case you had any doubts about Rihanna's national pride, here is a sampling from her Instagram, starting with the photo above ... of her boobs.   

Photo/Video credit: Instagram