65th annual Tony Awards opening: 'It's Not Just for Gays Anymore,' says Neil Patrick Harris

neil-patrick-harris-tony-opening-3.jpgTo open the 2011 Tony Awards, host Neil Patrick Harris went a little edgier than his 2009 opening song "Tonight." This year his call was "It's Not Just for Gays Anymore" and it was delightful, wonderful and hysterical.

Bon mots from the lyrics include:

  • "If you feel like someone that this world excludes, it's no longer only for dudes who like dudes. Attention every breeder, you're invited to the theatre."
  • "We're asking every hetero to get to know us better, oh, it's not just for gays anymore"
  • "It's not just for gays, the gays and the jews. And cousins in from out of town you have to amuse. And the sad, embittered malcontents who write the reviews. And also foreign tourists and the beats of senior citizens and well-to-do suburbanites and liberal intellectuals. Oh, that group is only really Jews and homosexuals, I've lost my train of thought, oh yes, it's not just for gays anymooooore."
  • "People from red states and people from blue. A big Broadway rainbow is waiting for you! Come in and be inspired, there's no sodomy required."

NPH also got Stephen Colbert, Brooke Shields and Bobby Cannavale to help out with the son, also quipping that Al Pacino is "way too famous" to help out with the song. Heh. Video below.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images