'666 Park Avenue' sets heavily damaged by Hurricane Sandy

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666-park-ave-rob-buckley-mercedes-masohn.jpgIn the aftermath of tropical storm Sandy, television sets are hardly a priority -- especially given so many people left without homes, safe drinking water, and power as the nights grow colder. Since we're a television site, though, bear with us a bit!

Cine Magic Riverfront Studios in Brooklyn is right on the East River, putting it directly in Sandy's path of destruction as water levels rose. Cine Magic owner Peter Kapsalis tells EW that at 10 p.m. the night of the storm, the sets of ABC's Sunday night horror-soap "666 Park Avenue" were under about 6 feet of water.

Now, the water has receded. "The Daylight Studio, which carried some of the smaller sets and was a little closer to the water [was] completely demolished," Kapsalis says. "The main sets stayed in place even with the water rushing in [but] everything is extensively damaged."

It will be at least three weeks before production can potentially resume on "666 Park Avenue" in the standing sets, though Kapsalis mentions that the show could work around the delay by shooting on location or in a SoHo studio. While some have speculated that ABC could decide to cut its losses and halt production on the series entirely, all signs point to Warner Bros. getting production back up and running surprisingly quickly.

"Warner Bros. has been a godsend -- I don't know how to say it. They've been very helpful and trying to put the show first, which as a result, is helping us a lot," he says. "[The entertainment business is] one of the strengths of New York's economy and for it to take a hit, it will affect New York greatly." Approximately 200 people based in New York are employed on the series.

Photo/Video credit: ABC