7 'American Idols' who went 'Against All Odds'

Phil_Collins_Against_All_Odds.jpg"Against All Odds" is a popular "American Idol" song choice. Check out these 7 deadly sings of the Phil Collins 1984 hit.

Paige Miles was only the most recent to take on the soaring power ballad from the film of the same name. DId you know it was done six previous times on "American Idol?" Only seasons 1, 6 and 8 were immune.

1. Corey Clark, Season 2

2. George Huff, Season 3

3. Jessica Sierra, Season 4

4. Scott Savol, Season 4

5. Katharine McPhee, Season 5

6. Ramiele Malubay, Season 7

7. Paige Miles, Season 9

Interestingly, Paige was the first person to get eliminated after performing "Against All Odds." It did land Corey Clark in the bottom 2, but he didn't go home. So does that make Paige the worst "Odds"-maker? Color us crazy, but did Jessica Sierra and Ramiele Malubay do the song the best? We think so. Do you agree? Vote now!

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Photo credit: Against All Odds