7 Kim Kardashian gun photos - Is the reality star a hypocrite?

Kim Kardashian caused public outrage -- well, Twitter outrage, at least -- when she posted the above photo of a bedazzled handgun via Instagram. The problem is, just a couple of weeks ago Kim was asking twitter followers to join her in signing a pledge to reduce gun violence in light of the Sandy Hook massacre.

After the good people of the Internet descended upon Twitter to point out Kim's hypocrisy, the "Kourtney and Kim take Miami" star quietly removed the Instagram photo. But the web, in all its glory, can never be wiped completely clean of the evidence of Kanye's baby mama's gun-totin' ways.

So, here are 7 more photos of Kim Kardashian's guns.

Kim goes to the gun range with bestie Jonathan Cheban ...

... and she has decent aim.

kim-kardashian-gun-range.jpg Kim practices poor shotgun form on family vacation.

Kim's Glamour Shots prop? Hmm...

Kim will shoot you with her space age bikini gun.  Danger! 

Kim's Instagram says "Bang bang." Yves Saint Laurent? Ooh la la.

Kim's got her tickets ... to the gun show.
Photo/Video credit: Twitter / Fair Use