8 Grammy Moments: Kelly Clarkson photobombs Ellen, Taylor Swift coddles Lena Dunham and more

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The 2013 Grammy Awards may have been a little short on buzzworthy "Grammy Moments," but that's because the real fun was happening off stage. Kelly Clarkson, who was famously hit by a  Bill Clinton photobomb at Barack Obama's inauguration, decided to turn the tables on Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi. (Between photobombing and proposing a drunken songwriting session with Miranda Lambert, it seems Kelly was having quite the time.)

Here are a few more "Grammy moments" you didn't see on the CBS telecast:

Jessica Biel is poppin' bottles with Jay-Z.

Much like Ellen (and the rest of the country), Elton John has a hard time keeping his focus above Katy Perry's neckline.

"Shhh ... There, there ..."  Taylor Swift coddles fangirl Lena Dunham. 

Who, in turn, accosts Kat Dennings.

Beyonce and her Grammy Award, sittin' in a tree ...

Who knew Ellen was so down on her luck?

Adele and Jessica Biel aren't so much girls' girls, are they? High five!

Also happening off stage tonight? Justin Bieber attempting to steal the spotlight, and Taylor Swift dancing -- really, really enthusiastically.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images