'90210': Dixon the Porn King

tristanwilds_90210_s2_290.jpgTonight on "90210," Annie bonds with the nephew of her hit-and-run victim, Ade and Navid finally sleep together and Dixon is the Porn King.

Annie the Crier
Turns out Homeless Man is Joe Herman, he went to West Bev and has bequeathed $100,000 to the school. When his nephew becomes front and center in the story, Annie tells him she's sorry about his uncle and almost loses it. He looks suspicious. Later, he asks Annie to go for a ride with him and when she begs off, he spins a tale of sadness and loss until she agrees. They sit on his car and stargaze. I'm the suspicious one. The nephew is on to her.

Dixon the Porn King
Dixon is living the life of luxury with some help from Navid. D is wining and dining Sasha all over town... until they get a flat tire on the "lambo," she pops the trunk, and then finds MOUNTAINS of pornography inside. Dixon spins it as he's in the money side of the porn industry and she seems to buy it, but later tails him to his house and sees him hugging Debbie at the front door. Doh!

Ade & Navid the Fornicators
Adrianna gets an audition and lands the part, but Navid is a total asshat about it because he's scared she'll go back to her drugging ways. At least that's what he says, but I think it's just because he's insecure and doesn't trust her.

Of course, she probably shouldn't be trusted since she turns to Teddy for comfort and they make out (which Silver sees). Ade then turns down the part, declares her love for Navid and tells him they've waited long enough to have sex. Yeah, that ought to go over like gangbusters. Sleeping with a guy out of cheater's guilt is ALWAYS the ticket for true love.

Liam the Genius
Liam tries once again to talk to Naomi and Jen interferes, so he blackmails Jen into coming clean to Naomi by threatening to tell Naomi that Jen is married to a French Baron and is flat broke. Masterfully, Jen beats him to the punch, telling Naomi about the French guy and no-money situation first and all it does is garner Naomi's sympathy.

However, when Jen tells Liam that his plan won't work, Liam records the conversation on his cell phone. Jen actually comes out and says that "Naomi won't believe that [they] slept together." Ooooh, nice!

Thoughts & Tidbits
  • Glad we didn't revisit the Harry/Debbie/Kelly love triangle this week

  • LOVE the porn titles. "Mr. Holland's Phallus" and "10 Things I'd Lick About You." I'm also partial to "Bang the Nun Slowly," "Schindler's Fist," "Itty Bitty Gang Bang" and "Your Ass Licked Park" (sound it out, you'll get there).

  • Why didn't we find out what Liam was doing with those blueprints at the end of last week's episode. What was that all about?

  • I loved the T-Mobile commercial asking us to text whether we thought Ade would be faithful to Navid, since it came during the commercial break DIRECTLY FOLLOWING her cheating on Navid. I'd have to text... NO.