'90210': 'Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson as Liam's dad

scott-patterson-matt-lanter-90210.jpgCould "90210's" Liam ( Matt Lanter) have it any worse in the dad department? He just caught his sketchy stepfather (John Schneider) cheating on his mom. In the April 20 episode,"Multiple Choices," his daddy issues will double when his real father, Finn, gets sprung from jail.

Finn is played by a familiar CW face: Scott Patterson, best known as everybody's favorite "Gilmore Girls" diner owner. Though viewers are used to seeing Patterson play the always reliable Luke Danes, Finn's intentions in returning to Liam's life may be less than honorable.

We've got your sneak peek at his scenes in Liam's workroom. We're still not used to seeing him without that ever-present backwards blue baseball cap, but we can't wait to see what drama he stirs up. Hasn't Liam been through enough already?





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