'90210' preview: The kids go to the Con

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Everybody's going to Comic-Con these days, aren't they? When even the beautiful people of shows like "90210" have some fun at the Con, you know the whole thing has gone mainstream. But hey, there are Princess Leia costumes! It's almost like they're actual geeks!

Wait, why would "90210" need to have a Comic-Con episode? Well, in "The Con," one of the kids, Liam, is planning to premiere his movie while some of the others are dealing with hacked video games. If you were wondering how a bunch of college-age people got so much access, there is an easy answer: Instead of one of the big, established Cons out there, "90210" aspires only to something called Phenomi-Con. It's held in Santa Barbara.

Other than the presence of people far better-looking and far, far better-dressed than at your average Con, what does Phenomi-Con offer? The photos from the episode might give us a clue.

For example, much like your standard Comic-Con, everyone walks around carrying big bags and wearing passes on lanyards around their necks. Silver ( Jessica Stroup) and Navid ( Michael Steger) model this for us.

While there do not seem to be the crowds or lines one might expect at a big Con, Phenomi-Con may have special access for those in wheelchairs.

Finally, there are costumes. Because this is "90210" and not real life, people like Naomi ( AnnaLynne McCord) and Annie ( Shenae Grimes) look kind of awesome in their sexy costumes.

It is impressive, isn't it?

But will it have the feel of an authentic Comic-Con experience? Find out when "The Con" airs on Nov. 12.

Photo/Video credit: The CW