'90210': Tristan Wilds talks porn, punching people in the face, Megan Fox & more

tristanwilds.jpgDixon Wilson may have an adorable, young baby face, but the boy's been getting in some trouble this season on "90210"...

Lying about his age, so he can date an older girl. Creating a porn producer back story to keep the ruse going. Punching a kid in the face. Asking poor Navid to lie for him... and the list goes on... as does his relationship with the mature Miss Sasha!

The lady is on to him, but that's apparently not enough to keep her hands off the jail bait that is D.W.

Can you blame her though? I mean, look at that mug.

On this week's "90210," the Sasha saga will move a little further on, but I've got a feeling there's an eventual expiration date for that business.

And I'm trying to get Tristan Wilds to talk...

Any thoughts?

You like seeing Dix with Sasha? Or is it a little too Mary Kay Letourneau for you?

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