'90210's' Blair Redford on his musical turn in 'Burlesque'

He may be the new villain on "90210," but Blair Redford has more than one trick up his sleeve. The handsome actor will be playing James, a guitar virtuoso in "Burlesque," the first film for  Cher in seven years and costarring pop star Christina Aguilera.

"I actually didn't know guitar all that well," Redford, 27, tells Zap2it. "They kind of liked my look for the role, so I had to get into guitar lessons and rehearsals for two months straight before we started filming."

Yet, the actor, who owes his good looks to a mix of Irish, French, German and Native American roots, says viewers may very well believe he came in knowing how to play guitar.

"When people watch it, they'll probably think I was brought on more as a guitarist than as an actor," he says. "Because about 80% of my screen time is rocking out with the band."

While the actor says he learned a lot about playing guitar before shooting, he doesn't have to worry about mistakes being captured for posterity. The magic of moviemaking takes care of that.