'90210's' Matt Lanter not 'hauntingly beautiful enough' for 'Twilight'

matt-lanter-easy-a-premiere-gi.jpgBack in August, "90210's" Matt Lanter talked to Zap2it about the "Twilight"-parody film "Vampires Suck," in which he played Edward Sullen, an exaggerated take-off on Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen.

"A lot of our scenes are kind of ripped right out of 'Twilight' in just these funnier, quirkier, wacky situations," Lanter told us. "So, 'Twilight' fans are the ones who will actually get the jokes."

What he failed to mention -- and which adds a whole other layer to his "Vampire Suck's" performance -- is that he actually auditioned for the role of Edward in the "Twilight" franchise.