9 things 'The Blacklist's' DVR audience is bigger than: You're on notice, Denmark

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blacklist-dvr-list2.JPGThrough the first seven weeks of the TV season, "The Blacklist" is the runaway leader in DVR ratings. It adds an average of 6,046,000 viewers per episode in Nielsen's Live +7 ratings, leading its closest competitor thus far ("The Big Bang Theory") more than half a million viewers.

If it keeps up that pace, the show will likely become the most-DVR'd series in the brief history of the Live +7 ratings. No other show has averaged even 5 million viewers gained for a full season.

Six million people is a whole lot, in other words. Which got us thinking -- what sorts of things are smaller than "The Blacklist's" DVR audience?

1. The total audience for every single CW series

blacklist-vs-arrow.JPGThat includes live and DVR viewing. "Arrow" comes closest with 4.05 million viewers in the latest DVR rankings, which run through Nov. 11.

2. The total audience for NBC's "Sean Saves the World" and "Parks and Recreation"

blacklist-vs-parks-rec.jpgAnd probably "The Michael J. Fox Show" (currently 6.5 million) pretty soon.

3. Denmark

blacklist-vs-denmark.jpgPopulation: 5,612,000

4. Missouri

blacklist-vs-missouri.jpgPopulation: 6,021,988. 32 other U.S. states also have fewer people.

5. The number of people who saw "Thor: The Dark World," "The Best Man Holiday" and "Delivery Man" last weekend*

blacklist-vs-movies.jpg*In all likelihood. The three movies made a combined box office of $34,632,199 for the weekend of Nov. 22-24; with the average movie ticket in the United States costing $7.84, that would mean a little over 4 million people bought tickets.

6. The combined attendance for every NASCAR race in 2013

blacklist-vs-nascar.jpgThe circuit no longer makes attendance figures public, but it was 3.5 million in 2012; the all-time high for a NASCAR season is 4.7 million.

7. Kylie Jenner's Twitter followers

blacklist-vs-kylie-jenner.jpg5,104,315 as of this post (she's 1.5 million behind Kendall, FYI).

8. One Direction's U.S. album sales

blacklist-vs-1d.jpgProbably even after "Midnight Memories" is released. "Up All Night" and "Take Me Home" sold a combined 3.32 million copies stateside.

9. The total audiences for 12 other new network shows this fall

blacklist-vs-trophy-wife.jpg"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," "Trophy Wife," "Masterchef Junior," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Betrayal," "Sean Saves the World," "Lucky 7," "Dads," "The Originals," "Welcome to the Family," "The Tomorrow People" and "Reign." 
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