'Let's Get Hairy' With James Roday of USA's 'Psych'

Thumbnail image for Shawn_Roday_Psych_Werewolf.jpgOn Friday, Oct. 9, USA Network airs "Let's Get Hairy," a new episode of "Psych" co-written by series star James Roday and guest-starring Josh Malina ("West Wing") and David Naughton, star of the seminal 1981 horror/comedy "American Werewolf in London."

This appropriate, since as any "Psych" fan knows, Roday's hair is perfect.

And here we go ...

Q: What was the inspiration for "Let's Get Hairy"?

A: Quite simply, "An American Werewolf in London " and the opportunity to see Josh Malina in a diaper.

Q: What are your favorite werewolf-themed movies or TV projects and why?

A: The aforementioned "AWIL" is the cream. Best werewolf movie and transformation ever. The original "Wolfman" with Lon Chaney, Jr. is solid.  "Wolfen" was interesting because it introduced the idea that the beasts could detect disease and wouldn ' t eat it. The Howling has moments. Truth be told, the werewolf sub-genre hasn ' t been serviced very well over the years. It ' s mostly been a poo poo platter.

Q: When you're writing an episode, is there a temptation to keep all the good lines?

A: It ' s actually the exact opposite. It ' s my opportunity to say thank you to the best cast a guy could hope for by giving them the best lines.


Q: It's good that Shawn has a steady girl in his life. When is Gus going to have the same? Would put a crimp in the slash fan-fiction anyway. 


A: Gus gets some play later this season. Pairing the fellas off for any substantial period of time is tricky because it ' s their relationship with one another that is the engine of the show. You ride the horse that got you there, ya know? Or, if it ain ' t broke don ' t fix it. If the trailer ' s rockin ' , don ' t come a knockin ' . Not sure that last one plays.

Q: How much sincerity or earnestness can Shawn ever display? Or can he show any?

I believe he has shown some and he ' ll continue to show some. Playing Shawn has always been a slippery slope. He ' s a grown man with a Peter Pan complex and a host of emotional insecurities. I ' ve always sort of operated under the magic formula that it ' s okay to want to slap him as long as you also want to hug him. In any given episode it can be more one than the other as long as there ' s balance in the end.  It ' s not always easy and I suspect it ' s only going to get tougher as he gets older.


Again, "Psych" is about a boy who never grew up, endlessly amuses himself, enjoys being an ass and wants to live next door to his best buddy for the rest of his life. Stray too far from that model and it ' s not "Psych" anymore. I don ' t think Shawn is insincere -- he just isn ' t very good at stripping himself of all his defense mechanisms to put it on display very often -- and when he does it ' s usually awkward, both to play and to watch I would presume. That ' s how I ' ve always approached it.

Thumbnail image for Psych_Dule_Hill_James_Roday.JPGQ: Are there any famous TV or movie pairings that inspire Shawn and Gus' relationship?

A: One of if not the most satisfying elements of this show, for me, is the fact that Dule and I have been able to create a relationship between these guys that doesn ' t have a bunch of derivatives. We each have our own inspirations but we never once said hey, Shawn and Gus are like....we just trusted each other and let it become it s own strange little animal with big ears and at least twelve nipples.

Q: If Shawn had a cool car, what would it be?

A: Chevy El Camino. No question. With all kinds of random nonsense in the back of that thing.

Q: Since this blog is called Hot Cuppa TV, what do you think is Shawn's favorite brewed beverage? What's yours?

A: Shawn: Caramel Macchiato with double whip and extra caramel

Me: Soy unsweet green tea latte (it ' s a relaxed energy)

Thanks for taking interest in this episode, Kate. Much appreciated. Nice blog. Happy belated St. Patrick ' s Day.