A case of the TVBs . . . a review of "Moonlight"

Shannynsossmon_alexoloughlin2_moonl I think I may have a case of the TVBs -- the TV Blahs.

I know, I know. How is that possible during premiere week? Our week of weeks? My most favorite time of the year.

Well last night I watched James Marsters ("Angel" and "Buffy") on "Without a Trace." Michael Vartan ("Alias") on "Big Shots" and then I popped in my review DVD of "Moonlight" (premiering Friday at 9 p.m. on CBS) which featured both Kevin Weisman (Marshall on "Alias") and Jason Dohring (Logan on "Veronica Mars."). So I got a chance to see actors from four of my all time favorite series in brand new roles. 

And it left me with the TVBs because I realized there's no new series this season that has me as excited those series did ("Dirty Sexy Money" is the only show that even comes close). Where is my "Lost?" Where is my "Arrested Development?" Where is the show that makes me bolt up and think, "This could be a fantastic show."

I think it's really "Moonlight" that did me in. Because to criticize a show that features Dohring, who I really believe is one of the most talented actors out there, pains me. We know how good he can be. We've seen it.

But (heavy sigh) "Moonlight" looks as if it should be one of those syndicated shows you would watch on Saturday afternoon while cleaning your house. The dialogue is painful. The plot ridiculous. Dohring and star Alex O'Loughlin (who definitely has charm) do the most with what little they have, but this is simply not a good show. With apologies to my not-so-secret TV boyfriend, I'm giving "Moonlight" two stars.

What did you think of "Moonlight?" Post your comments below.

Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal