A texting bride? Guess that's her 'something new'

The latest video on YouTube to get national attention is one of a texting bride, posted by Jim Costa Films. The user describes the video as:

This is part of a wedding video I shot in August 2008 at the Mission Beach Women's Club in San Diego, CA. It was otherwise perfectly normal except for this one funny clip of the bride TEXTING just after her dad walked her down the isle! At one point, I noticed her doing it through my lens and I had to pull away form the camera to make certain I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. The minister was busy reading his opening comments and her back was to everyone in attendance. I was the only one to see her. Her dad glanced over at her and then saw me doing a double take and began to laugh out loud! You can see him doing it in the clip. Totally funny!

Hilarious. Also, what really strikes us as amazing is that this happened in 2008. Not that people weren't texting three years ago, but it seems like the pervasiveness of technology grows every year, so we're surprised this video isn't from, like, last week. It's also a little surprising the user took a whole year to post it to YouTube and then it took two more years to gain web-wide attention.

The best part is really that she was keeping her phone down her bosom. We wonder what she texted?
Photo/Video credit: YouTube