A 'Walking Dead' fan's nod to 'Love Actually' for Andrew Lincoln on 'The Talking Dead' in GIFs

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the-walking-dead-season-4-andrew-lincoln.jpg "Talking Dead" is AMC's post- "Walking Dead" talk show, where host Chris Hardwick sits down with various "TWD" stars and creators and discusses the new episode that has just aired, fielding fan questions and hashing out the latest events.

On Sunday's (March 30) episode, where they were discussing the Season 4 finale, a fan asked a question over Skype in a nod to star Andrew Lincoln's rather famous other role, the "To me, you are perfect" cue card-holding Mark in "Love Actually." The fan's question was whether it's more important to Rick to be a good father or a good leader.

It's hard to say if Lincoln looks flattered or embarrassed. Probably both. Watch the GIFs below, we'll post video as soon as we have it.

UPDATE: Turns out the fan in question is Heather Seebach, who blogs about horror movies and TV at Viewer Discretion Advised. She tells Zap2it, "As a big fan of Kirkman's comics and long-time defender of AMC's show, I was absolutely delighted by last night's finale. It was not afraid to push the envelope in the same way the comics always do (which is why I love them). It did not need a big character death or some explosive twist to thrill me. I am very excited for next season now!"

"The Walking Dead" returns for its fifth season in October 2014. Executive producer Scott Gimple says the popular zombie-pocalypse drama will head "to new places" in Season 5.

the-talking-dead-love-actually-question.gif the-talking-dead-love-actually-perfect.gif

Photo/Video credit: AMC