ABC's giving 'Being Erica' an American spin: Our 5 picks to play the time traveler

Finally, "Being Erica" is getting the attention it deserves. The Canadian series, which even its countrymen feel is more appreciated by U.S. fans, is getting an American adaptation courtesy of ABC, according to Variety.

The sci-fi/ fantasy/ rom-com mash-up follows thirty-something Erica Strange, a quirky ne'er-do-well, who gets the chance to travel back in time to fix past regrets. Along the way, her heavenly therapist forces her to face moments she didn't even know she regretted.

ABC has tapped former "Dawson's Creek" and "Eastwick" writer, Maggie Friedman, to pen the pilot and executive produce. That's a mixed bag for us, since we can't say we were fans of the fallen ABC series, but we're definitely "Creek-fans." In fact, we have lots of worries about what moving to America will do to a series we feel is practically perfect, but the TV gods want what they want. We only get a say when the show actually starts airing and we can vote with our remote controls.

And while we wish that the Canadian lead, the adorable Erin Karpluk, could cross the border (as she did with her guest spots on The CW's "Life Unexpected") and star in ABC's production, we know that's mostly wishful thinking. So, who else could play her American counterpart?

Here are our suggestions for America's Erica:

Katie Cassidy: At 24, Cassidy steers young for playing Erica. But we believe she was the best actress on "Melrose Place" (tough competition, we know) and she shined as the secret-keeping troublemaker on "Gossip Girl." So, we have no doubt she could transform into a girl (back to brunette, of course) in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.

Sophia Bush: In eight years of playing Brooke on The CW's "One Tree Hill," the 28-year-old is ripe for some Erica-like life exploring, plus she has already made it public that her "OTH" contract is up. On-screen, she has played the sex vixen to the dedicated mom. Our only reservation is whether she can handle playing the girl with no confidence?

Katie Holmes: What if we could stage a "Dawson's Creek" reunion between Holmes and her former colleague who's writing the ABC pilot? At 31, Holmes' age is right in the pocket where Erica resides. Sure, she's now Mrs. Tom Cruise, a mother and she has a few films in the pipeline, but we think she could pull off Erica seamlessly.

Rachael Leigh Cook: We are still enamored with Rachel Leigh Cook, 31, who played the awkward artsy nerd in "She's All That." We would totally watch her every week as she stumbled through time as Erica. She has the look, the age, and the ability. ABC, call her.

Charisma Carpenter: Yes, we're going there. Our love for "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" will live forever and so will our infatuation with Carpenter. She has made several guest appearances on TV since "Angel" fell in 2004, so we'd love if she had a regular gig. We know she can play the clueless heroine with a knack for deep thoughts. At 40, she may steer a bit older for Erica, but she could definitely still pass for thirty-something.

Who do you think ABC should tap for Erica?
Photo/Video credit: CBC; Getty Images