ABC's post-Oscar coverage not the strongest

The telecast of the 84th annual Academy Awards seemed to go well. The microphone feedback was a bit annoying, but overall, there weren't any major glitches and it only ran just over three hours, which is better than some years.

But the post-Oscar coverage left a little to be desired. The above video was actually broadcast live on TV and "Chuck" star Zachary Levi posted to Facebook, " Has anyone else been watching the ABC post Oscar coverage? Cuz it's been an amazing trainwreck. I mean, just incredible."

Some comments that follow his post include:

  • "Who is the "reporter" @ the Variety Party? Did he win a contest or something?"
  • "I finally stopped! The chick was saying how much she loved her job as she watched all the A list people go by! B****, your job is to speak with them!"
  • "I thought I was the only one watching going WTF?"
  • "The hosts are horrible!!! Plus, someone just dropped the F Bomb at the Governor's Ball."

What did you think, Zap2it readers?
Photo/Video credit: ABC