Actress will have to reveal her name in IMDb lawsuit

mystery-actress-getty.jpgThe anonymous actress who sued IMDb for revealing her age without permission will have to come forward if she wants to proceed with the lawsuit, a federal judge has ruled.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, although the actress fears "blacklisting and other retribution in Hollywood" if her name is revealed, U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman found that "the injury she fears is not severe enough to justify permitting her to proceed anonymously."

The unnamed actress sued IMDb and parent company for using detailed personal information from purchasing an IMDbpro account to post her legal date of birth on her public IMDb profile, revealing that she is much older than she looks. The actress argued that her real age is detrimental to booking jobs in a youth-obsessed industry.

The actress seeks at least $1 million in damages for breach of contract, fraud and violation of privacy.

However, Judge Pechman ruled that the woman must either refile the case using her real name (instead of Jane Doe) within two weeks or drop the suit.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images