'Men at Work' star Adam Busch also stars in 'My Music'; politics -- NBC has an app for that

Created by filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine, this scripted mockumentary premiered in April and focuses on the day-to-day travails of a transmedia music production company, headed by CEO Indie ( Adam Busch of TBS' new comedy "Men at Work"), along with its eccentric staff and stable of artists. Four shows air each week: the Web series on Sundays, a live variety show on Mondays, a music news show on Wednesdays and "The Mosh" on Fridays. Guest stars include Felicia Day ( "The Guild").


On May 20, Comedy Central released the Web original series "Workaholics: The Other Cubicle," from the creative team behind the TV series "Workaholics." It follows some of the other TelAmeriCorp telemarketers: Montez Walker ( Erik Griffin), Jet Set ( Jet Set Hudson) and Waymond Womano ( Waymond Lee). The first Web-exclusive episode, directed by Kevin Etten, begins with a dispute over a Cinco de Mayo lunch and ends in a hot-sauce fight between Montez and Jet Set. More webisodes will be released during the third season of "Workaholics."


As election season heats up, political news junkies have one more way to keep abreast of the latest developments with this iPad and iPhone app that brings together videos and reports, along with interactive tools, graphics and games, featuring such NBC correspondents as David Gregory, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell. Along with show clips, the app also has a "Battleground Map," tracking state elections and how they affect electoral votes, and allowing users to run scenarios (and perhaps see their maps on-air or online), live election results and candidate information.


Begun as an online bookseller, Amazon.com has branched into developing original programming and recently announced that it is expanding into comedy and children's studios. Series creators are invited to upload proposals and pilot scripts to Amazon Studios through the link above, with successful efforts distributed through Amazon Instant Video, Amazon's digital video-streaming service. "We are excited to bring writers, animators and directors this new opportunity to develop original series," says Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios.

Photo/Video credit: newscom/Comedy Central/newscom/zap2it