Adam Scott making third attempt at 'Greatest Event in Television History,' but what's the couch for?


Get excited, because Adam Scott is again trying to figure out "The Greatest Event in Television History." You know what they say: the third time's the charm.

The third installment in his "Greatest Event" series will air Nov. 7 on midnight at Adult Swim. Like the previous two, it seems likely that Scott will recreate an opening credits scene from a famous television show intro. But which one? Thus far all we have is one hint: an orange couch on a set.

So where's the couch from? Vulture figured out it's "Too Close For Comfort," meaning Scott will play the role of Ted Knight. But what about the women? That's worth a whole different speculation spot.

Here were Zap2it's other guesses for which show's couch it could be.


It might not match with the "Hart to Hart" and "Simon & Simon" theme, but "SNICK's" couch does look a whole lot like the one above.


"The Bob Newhart Show"

"The Bob Newhart Show's" couch isn't orange, but it's certainly got a famous place in television history.



"Friends" has got the look right, and at least it's a significant enough part of our television culture to warrant a nod.


"Modern Family"

"Modern Family" might be too modern to quality for being a part of the "Greatest Event in Television History," but at least the couch looks pretty spot-on.


"The Simpsons"

Arguably the most likely of the bunch, "The Simpsons'" couch is both iconic and worthy of a Adam Scott-led live action remake of its intro.

Photo/Video credit: Adult Swim/Fair Use