'Adventure Time' holiday gift guide: Finn's hat, Marceline's axe bass and more mathematical presents

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adventure-time-holiday-gift-guide.jpg Oh my glob, it's time for the holidays again. There are so many awesome "Adventure Time" gifts available it makes our brains want to explode, so here's a narrowed down list of some of the coolest ones around for you to buy for the "Adventure Time" fan in your life (or, you know, yourself).

Gifts under $25

Candy (as much as you want to spend): It's obvious and easy. Because come on. Candy.

Finn's hat ring ($6.70): A fashionable and subtle touch for any "Adventure Time" fan who wants to wear their love for the show on their finger.

Lumpy Space Princess mug ($13.95): Anyone who doesn't want this mug should seriously lump off already.


Finn's hat ($17.95): Finn's hat is a necessary garment for every "Adventure Time" fan, male or female. And at $17.95, it won't break the bank.

"Adventure Time" title card prints ($24.95): The "Adventure Time" title cards are one of the coolest parts of the show, and would look great out of context on a wall.

Gifts under $50

Land of Ooo phone case ($29.71): There are a lot of phone cases (for both iPhone and Galaxy) available in the Cartoon Network Shop, but this Land of Ooo one is a favorite. Not only is it beautifully drawn, but it's also not as in your face "Adventure Time" as some of the others. Unless you want that, in which case those are available as well.

Marceline wall decal ($32): This wall decal is gorgeous and offers some cool home decoration for people who want something different than just posters.

Beemo watch ($34.95): This Beemo watch not only looks super cool but is functional. He's just so cute.


"Adventure Time" Monopoly ($35.96): Having played this before, we can happily inform you that it is definitely worth the twist on normal Monopoly.

Finn or Jake footie pajamas ($39.95): No matter what people say, you're never too old for footie pajamas -- especially not ones that could double as a Halloween costume. If that's not your style, there are also some awesome ladies sleep tanks and unisex hooded robes.

Marceline's axe bass ($47.99): It's easier to buy this than make it yourself. Trust us, we've done it.

Gifts under $100

"Adventure Time" comic book volume 1 special edition ($74.95): This Enchiridion Edition of the "Adventure Time Mathematical Volume 1" collectible comic book is a great gift for a fan of comics or someone who just wants more Finn and Jake adventures. The original edition is only $34.95, but looks way less cool.

Fionna's crystal sword ($80): There are a number of different options for the weapons in "Adventure Time" that are available for purchase, but this crystal sword is one of the best looking ones around.


Mondo 8-bit Finn and Jake poster set ($85): These awesome Mondo posters by Delicious Design League not only are adorable, but also limited edition. Act fast, because only 300 are available total.

Gifts over $100

"Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!" Collector's Edition 3DS game ($118.98): This is a must-have 3DS game for any "Adventure Time" fan, but make the gift extra special by buying the pricy but awesome collector's edition set.

"Adventure Time" hand-painted heels with Swarovski crystals ($200): For the woman who loves both fashion and "Adventure Time." Princess Bubblegum would approve.

Photo/Video credit: Cartoon Network/Etsy