'Agents of SHIELD' episode 11 promo: Coulson's Tahiti is not a magical place

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" is off the air until Jan. 7, but when it does return, it will come back in a big way. A promo for the upcoming episode was released after "The Bridge's" big cliffhanger, and it seems like life is going to be getting a lot harder before it gets better for these characters.

The promo's cheesy voiceover says that Skye, Ward, FitzSimmons and May are going to have a hard time staying united while Coulson is gone. Hopefully, at this point in their journey, that isn't actually the case. Sure, they might be divided over the best way to save Coulson, but if in episode 11 there are still supposed to be egos pulling this group apart, "SHIELD" has bigger problems on its hands.

What could be a major cause of conflict is the return of Victoria Hand (Saffron Burrows). She left a pretty sour taste in our mouths after "The Hub," and the fact that she doesn't think Coulson is worth rescuing just emphasizes that she might not be on the right side. Shouldn't Nick Fury have a bigger say in this?

As for Coulson's storyline, it seems like we'll finally get to the bottom of the mystery of his death. Some moments in the promo show Raina with Coulson in "Tahiti," which isn't quite the magical place Coulson has been describing. Behind him in one of the shots is a life-sized doll that bears a striking resemblance to him, which should through fuel in the fire of those who believe this version of Coulson is actually a Life Model Decoy.

For fans of Joss Whedon, this sequence has a lot of parallels to similar mind-bendy weirdness in "Serenity" and "Dollhouse." Hopefully the resolution of the story arc is just as satisfying and surprising as it was in those two projects.

Are you looking forward to the return of "Agents of SHIELD"?

Photo/Video credit: ABC