'Agents of SHIELD' episode 9 'Repairs' recap: A ray of hope for Melinda May


The dark reason behind Melinda May's nickname was revealed in "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" episode 9, "Repairs." Though the story behind "The Cavalry" twisted and morphed over the years, Coulson tells Skye that the incident that caused May to go cold was not a happy one.

According to him, May was a bit like Skye before she found herself in a situation she came out the worst for fixing. No one knows the details of the mission except May (which means it will take until at least the next sweeps period for the audience to find out as well), but Coulson says it caused May to lose herself.

Skye deduces that Coulson is keeping May around to try to warm her up again, and it seems like it's working. The post-credits scene shows that May got in on the aircraft prank war (which has a real-life parallel offscreen) by putting shaving cream all over Fitz's face. At least some of her light-heartedness appears to be returning.

It likely helps that May is getting just what Dr. Skye ordered, too: sex. May and Ward have been hooking up for a while by the time "Repairs" begins, though whether or not that's cracking through May's icy exterior is yet to be revealed. May doesn't seem like one to get emotional with a fellow agent, and we're still holding out hope for some Ward and Skye action.

As for the supernatural case of the week, "Grey's Anatomy" alum Robert Baker played Tobias, an unlucky-in-love man who finds himself caught between two worlds. Here we continue to see the aftermath of "Thor: The Dark World" play out as the company Tobias worked for was experimenting with portal technology, and Tobias messing around with the machine led to him being caught between two dimensions.

Ultimately it's May who convinces Tobias to stop "haunting" Laura Seay's Hannah by repeating the same words Coulson said to her after her dark mission: "Let the girl go." He does and disappears into his "Hell" dimension (there had to have been a better solution than this), allowing Hannah to live on in peace.

It will be nice to see May hopefully drop the hard-as-nails routine in weeks to come. Seeing May adopt some of Ming-Na Wen's real-life giddy adorableness will be a welcome change in the evolution of her character.

Photo/Video credit: ABC