'Agents of SHIELD' Season 2: First still of Lucy Lawless revealed

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agents-of-shield-lucy-lawless-season-2-marvel.jpgLucy Lawless is getting back to her "Xena: Warrior Princess" dark roots for her role on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD." Marvel.com revealed the first image of Lawless in Season 2 as Agent Isabelle Hartley.

According to the website, Hartley is "a seasoned SHIELD veteran" who joins Coulson's team in "helping to rebuild the organization."

Recent casting additions for Season 2 also include Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird, Kyle MacLachlan as Skye's father, Reed Diamond as HYDRA's Daniel Whitehall, Nick Blood as mercenary Lance Hart, Henry Simmons as agent Alphonso "Mac" Mackenzie, Simon Kassianides as Bakshi and Brian Patrick Wade as Carl "Crusher" Creel, aka the Absorbing Man.

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: Marvel.com