'Agents of SHIELD's' Chloe Bennet teases a changed Skye in 'TAHITI'

chloe-bennet-agents-of-shield-tahiti-abc.jpgWhen "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" returns to ABC on Tuesday (March 4), expect episode 14, "TAHITI," to start the series going  full throttle towards Season 1's conclusion.

"It gets crazy," star Chloe Bennet admits to Zap2it during a recent interview. "People are going to be really, really excited to see what comes up next. It's absolute nonstop from here on out."

"Agents of SHIELD" last left Bennet's character Skye in some pretty dire straights as she was rescued near death after a run-in with Ian Quinn and Mike Peterson-turned-Deathlok. In "TAHITI," she will hopefully be brought back to full health, but having her character be in stasis allowed Bennet to relax at least a little bit.

"I don't want to ruin anything, but definitely had an easy time filming the upcoming episode. There were a couple things that were a little tricky -- I don't want to get into it because I don't want to ruin anything -- but it was a lot of fun to shoot," she says.

For Bennet, this new character arc since "The Magical Place" has been an opportunity to play a different side of Skye. "There's a lot more layers of her that are coming to life," she says. "The Skye that's in the pilot is not the Skye that I know now. She's changed and grown so much, in a kind of serious way but she's still got that lighthearted Skyeness to her."

Bennet continues, "After Coulson almost died in episode 10, I think it's affected her a lot. She's seen this is literally life and death and SHIELD's secrets aren't something that maybe should be in the public's hands like what she thought of before. It's been fun to play that."

From how Bennet talks about the series, the ante gets upped from here on out.

chloe-bennet-skye-agents-of-shield-abc.jpg"Our fans are going to s*** themselves, basically," she quips. "Everyone who's watching the show, you all better go get Depends and put those on before you watch, because otherwise you're going to have nasty soiled couches."

When Zap2it spoke with Bennet, the cast was shooting episode 19. She says that the revelations that come between episode 14 and then blew her mind as a fan of the show.

"We really find out each episode we read, so I don't know what happens after," she says. "I read the end of episode 19 and then like immediately texted [co-showrunner] Maurissa [Tancharoen] like, 'What? When do we get 20?' I do this every time I read an episode, so I think they're used to it by now."

Fortunately the cast has turned into a support group for one another. Though they're ultra top secret with spoilers around everyone else, they have one epic text thread where they talk about the big developments on "Agents of SHIELD."

"They're actually texting me right now as I'm on this phone call," Bennet admits. "We just talk about it in the text thread. Everyone better keep their phones private, because yeah, we talk about it. We're all just such huge dorks about our own show, and it's not even because we're on it. It's because we love the show so much and we love Joss [Whedon] and Marvel so much, and it's funny."

Part of their being a close-knit cast is the prank war to end all prank wars that is going on on set. Bennet's snow prank against co-star Iain De Caestecker (and his response to her) was dubbed "genius" by guest star Bill Paxton, and now Bennet is ready to take it up to the next level.

"Iain definitely won that prank war, but I'm thinking of doing some stuff back. I just got a fart machine; it's called a Mr. Pooter. I've been practicing it, because it doesn't just fart. You have to practice it because you make the noise by squeezing it," she explains. "I've been practicing my Mr. Pooter and I'm going to bring it to set and I'm going to do it to him during a scene, for sure."

"I really do want people to know," Bennet continues of the then-planned prank (she likely has executed it by now). "Iain is the one we usually prank, and Iain doesn't go on Twitter or anything, so he won't even know. I'm trying to think of a great prank for him coming up."

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Photo/Video credit: ABC