'Agents of SHIELD's' Joss Whedon and 'Doctor Who's' Mark Gatiss meet: The crossovers that will never be

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"Sherlock" and "Doctor Who" executive producer Mark Gatiss made nerd brains explode when he tweeted that he and Joss Whedon recently met for the first time.

"@josswhedon Great to meet you the other week, Joss and thanks so much for coming. Happy New Year!" Gatiss tweets.

This immediately got our imaginations spinning. Are they working on a collaboration? A crossover? Will Whedon be trying his hand at a "Doctor Who" episode like Neil Gaiman did? The possibilities are endless -- though of course the two creators could have just met for the heck of it.

There are some crossovers that they would not have been meeting about, though. Below you'll find some of our favorite Whedon/Gatiss fan-created crossovers that are epic, but will never be. Enjoy them as much as we did:

art-dw-avengers.jpg [source]

tumblr_m57z9jOXK31qmkd9po1_500.png [source]

tumblr_mjiu700M2Z1rb5qoio1_500.jpg [source]

Just remember, though; we'll always have this:


And this:


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Marvel, Instagram