Aishwarya Rai: Bollywood actress under fire for weight issues

aishwarya-rai-getty.jpgWhile Tyra Banks and Vogue have earned a lot of praise for their stance on healthy body weights for models, it appears that not everyone feels the same way. Former Miss World and Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai is under fire from some of India's media over her weight issues.

Rai, who had her first child in Nov. 2011, appears to be holding on to much of her baby weight. It is this that has drawn criticism from many. One such example is in a video posted on YouTube which shows before and after pictures of Rai.

The video's narrator says Rai is "looking rather plump." She adds that "rather than losing her flab after the baby's delivery...[she] shockingly put on at least five to six kilos."

Sydney Morning Herald show business columnist Shobhaa De explains the reason people respond as such is, "Aishwarya is like a goddess. She is held up as the idea of beauty and so there is an expectation for her to look perfect at all times."

So Zappers, what do you think about all of this? Here's the video that's causing much of the controversy. Give it a view and make your opinion known in the comment section below.

Photo/Video credit: Getty, YouTube